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Ernest Hancock's stupid voter registration stunt

David Dorn Grab all the old news paper articles and e-mails about the stupid voter registration stunt that Ernie did that caused the Arizona State Government to pass some laws restricting voter registration to only government goons, and political hacks.

Prior to Ernies stupid stunt ANYONE could come off the street and demand to see voter registration information with out any questions asked. And this information made many government goons, and seekers of government welfare accountable to the public because thru the voter registration information we could get their home addresses and other private information and use it against them.

I used it to get Jerry Colengelo home address and pass it out to the public before I was a Libertarian when Jerry C was trying to get the Maricopa County supervisors to steal a billion dollars from us taxpayers and use it to build Bank One Ball Park which they did.

Ernie's stupid stunt was to tell the world that he was going to take all the Arizona Voter Registration which he had access to because of his involvement with the Arizona Libertarian Party and place it on the internet.

The government goons in Arizona quickly passed a law restriciting access to registration data only to government goons and selected political people making Arizona more of a police state.

Ernie for some reason bragged that his actions some how helped freedom. I can't see why. It just turned Arizona into a bigger police state. Ernie should have at least admitted he F*CKED up when he did this stupid prank.

Western Libertarian Alliance