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Mike Dugger - Life Time Government Bureaucrat?

Or Libertarian Freedom Fighter?

  Mike Dugger
  • Government Parasite?
  • Government Leach?
  • Government Bureaucrat?
  • Life Time Government Bureaucrat?
  • 23+ Year Government Bureaucrat?
  • Libertarian Hypocrite?
  • Libertarian in Name Only?
  • Libertarian Freedom Fighter?
Is one of the above true? Or are all but one of the above true?

At least with the media it seems that they think Ernest Hancock is the Mr. Libertarian of Arizona. I donít know why but I suspect it is because Ernie Hancock never shuts up and can talk for hours. If there were a number two Libertarian guy it would be Mike Dugger. Mike Dugger and Ernie Hancock go together like the Lone Ranger and Tonto or Batman and Robin. Mike Dugger seems to be the ever faithful side kick and best friend of Ernest Hancock. I donít know if that is true but that is what it seems like.

But is Ernieís best buddy and alleged number two Libertarian in Arizona a Libertarian Freedom Fighter or a gasp life time government bureaucrat?

The twenty plus pages of records we got back after making a Freedom of Information Request to the U.S. Post Office seem to indicate that Mike Dugger is a government bureaucrat who has worked for the post office for at least 23 years and has been a government bureaucrat most of his adult life.

If I am reading the FOIA records correctly Michael Dugger started working for the post office on April 20, 1981, that he became a full time employee on Jan 9, 1982, and the records indicate he was still employed by the post office on July 10, 2004. The records seem to indicate that his starting pay 23 years ago was $9 an hour and that as of 2004 he was collecting a salary of $45,280 a year from the post office.

The records given for this FOIA came from the office of:

Rhondalyng Mcdow
Manager, Human Resources
U.S. Post Office
4949 E VanBuren St
Phoenix, Az
I always thought that Libertarians considered it wrong for the government to collect taxes from people which in our view is stealing because the money is taken by gun point and taxes are really theft. And of course if you work for the government then you are being paid with these stolen tax dollars, and of course from a Libertarian point of view a person that works for the government and is paid with these stolen tax dollars is a ďgovernment parasiteĒ or a ďgovernment leachĒ. And so from this point of view since Mike Dugger has been a government employee almost all of his life working for the post office I would have to consider him a lifetime government parasite.

I know Michael Dugger says he is a Libertarian but it is actions that count and for the past 23+ years Mr. Dugger has behaved like a government parasite, and used government money taken by gun point to pay his salary, provide his living expenses and I suspect to buy himself a home.

I know that many times Ernest Hancock has complained that the Libertarian Party because it really is an arm of the state canít kick people out of who donít meet our ideals and are not really Libertarians. Now that all the old ALP members have dropped out of the Libertarian Party and formed their own click the ďWestern Libertarian AllianceĒ which is a private group that can set their own standards and can kick people out who are not true Libertarians. The question now is will the WLA members kick Mike Dugger out because he is government bureaucrat and Libertarian in name only or are WLA members also a bunch of hypocrites who have double standards?

I believe that all the information on this web page is correct. Mr. Dugger and other people have stated a number of times over the years that Mike Dugger is a mailman employed by the U.S. Post Office so I assume that this information is correct and Michael Dugger is employed by the U.S. Post Office. In the FOIA request to the Phoenix Post Office they only gave me information on ONE Michael Dugger so I will assume that it is the correct Mike Dugger. If any of this information is wrong I want to let Mike Dugger know that he can contact me and I will gladly correct it. I donít want to paint him as being a lifetime government bureaucrat if that is incorrect. Dugger knows where to contact me.

Also I canít prove it but I suspect that Ernest Hancock has been one of the main people spreading David Dornís lies about me around the world. When Ernie first told me that David Dorn was accusing me of being a government snitch I told him it was wrong. But I donít think Ernie even gave a rats ass about if what David Dorn said was true or not and I think he spread the lie to most of the people who know who now hate me. No I will not say any lies about Mike Dugger. While he may walk and talk the Libertarian line he is really a life time government bureaucrat.

Last while Mike Dugger is just a low level government bureaucrat who is a mail man from the looks of how this public record was blacked out you would think he is some super secret dude who works for the military and that almost everything he does is top secret. I guess the folks at the U.S. Post Office really donít agree with the sprit of the Freedom of Information Act and think that us citizens donít have a right to know what is in public records like Mike Duggerís records. I would certainly like to know Mike Duggerís date of birth, his veteranís status, his FLSA status, his TSA status, and I am curious what those remarks in the remark section say which have been blacked out.

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